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Specific Adjustment Techinique (S.A.T.).

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

What is S.A.T?

The Specific Adjustment Technique was previously designed by Parnell Bradbury based on the unique treatment (one vertebra per session) of atypical vertebrae, following a certain order.

Parnell was both a chiropractor and an osteopath in the 50s. One day during a flu epidemic he was extremely busy in a clinic in Hove. He had over 40 patients left to treat on his list and only time to do one manipulation on each. The clinical response to this was extraordinary. The majority of clients experienced an unmistakably marked improvement particularly those patients who had the pelvis and upper cervical area treated.

This proved that the exact diagnoses and a uniquely devised treatment provided the most perfect solution to facilitate their return to optimum health.

Later, Tom Dummer D.O. re-designed the concept of specific adjustment and gave it a special meaning, adapting it as an effective treatment method for high-impact trauma to the body.

Basically, it is about making an adjustment between the fascial and the structural, applying a floating field, in order to "reverse" the effect created by the mentioned trauma.

For this, apart from the functional radiological interpretation, we must know the classic concept of osteopathic pivots, as well as the functional anatomy and physiology that underlie the adaptation of the body to high-impact trauma.

What to expect from a treatment

All treatments last approx forty five minutes. Your session will involve a detailed case history and a thorough examination. You may be asked to undress down to one layer of clothing. The treatment consists of gentle but powerful corrections along with subtle manipulations using cranial osteopathy influencing the joints, nervous system, muscles and fascia. Initially and specifically the primary misalignment is treated, with special attention to integrating the change into the whole body. Afterwards allow 24 hours for your treatment to settle down and do refrain from any vigorous exercise until the next day. Your body will begin to heal in between sessions so the number can vary from 3 to to 7 depending on the individual.

We will try to explain these concepts in the course, as well as teach the relevant techniques, especially in prone and sitting, to make the treatment as successful as possible.

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