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Institute for Osteopathic Studies & Research

"We are osteopaths, clinicians, scientists, educators and entrepreneurs working together to promote tomorrow’s osteopathic best practice and everyone better life today."

Pascal J. Grolaux, DO, owner and president of The Institute for Osteopathic Studies & Research

Based in the vivid city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, the Institute covers a full-range of courses (online and onsite) across all evidence-based and more. With the vision to be an highly ranked Osteopathic Continuing Education Institution in Canada, we teach a variety of classes spanning the introductory, intermediate and advanced levels in the field of osteopathy and other health disciplines.

At The Institute for Osteopathic Studies & Research, students receive so much more than an ordinary post graduate education. We pride ourselves on creating a unique, exciting environment that embraces all types of learners and promotes growth both academically and personally. As strategically located and attached to a dynamic healthcare clinic, we are in a proper environment to initiate research projects linked with our education program as well as using the patients pool for clinical demonstrations.

Educating the public from our communities is as important to us as promoting excellence in postgraduate education. Indeed, we believe that it is our mission to help people to reconnect to themselves and their environment. Therefore we will offer specific body-mind-spirit orientated training (indoor and outdoor) for everyone.

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Osteopathic Studies & Research? We invite you to keep exploring our website, check or courses, and get in touch with questions about our values, academics, community and more.

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Our Mission Is to Empower


On site and online postgraduate courses.
Indoor and outdoor "reconnecting to ourselves" programs.


National and International Professional Leading Mentors in osteopathy and allied heath care profession


Expected Institute participants yearly


Expected Satisfaction Rated by participants

We at the Institute of Osteopathic Studies & Research want to be a Canadian leader in postgraduate courses in osteopathic medicine and more than that by educating also the general public. We believe that promoting high quality continuing education will drive and promote our profession with high level and topics covering the most important and evidence-based aspects of osteopathy, and more..

We also believe that promoting research and supporting innovative projects will benefit not only the profession but as well our patients and the community.

Lastly but not the least, educating our patients, the general public to "self reconnection" "self healing" processes is a key in promoting health and happiness.

Our Core Values

We practice what we preach
We teach what can be applied

We promote excellence in best practice and evidence-based osteopathy
We reconnect people to themselves and the environment


At The Institute we have strong moral principles focussing only to extend student knowledge by high quality evidence-based education towards best practice in its profession.


During our classic courses and training sessions for the public we feel responsible to guide each participant to gain the expected

knowledge, therefore to meet or to exceed his satisfaction.


The institute put a special emphasis on offering and delivering online and onsite courses that will give each participant the expected knowledge and expertise in order to further promote better professional practice.

Specific training sessions for the public are orientated to reconnecting our energy, reconnecting with the environment, reconnecting our body-mind-spirit, reconnecting to ourselves. 


Our skilled dynamic national and International teachers are committed to deliver top quality and evidence-based courses that reflect their expertise and specific interest in their field. With humility, the Institute feel responsible to promote valuable material based on critical research but also based on the principles of self-healing.


We have a strong passion to share our knowledge, to engage dialog and sharing ideas. We believe that proper communication with positive feedback and dynamism in class is a gage of success, both for participant and the teacher/instructor.

We Have High Valuable Partners

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