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Institute for Osteopathic Studies & Research

The destination for specialists who seek for best practices
A journey for everyone who wants a better connection to others and to themselves

Why Enroll in Our Education Programs?

Evidence-based courses

Our Institute is committed to promote and offer online courses and onsite master classes that support evidence-based medicine. Our continuing professional development program is intended to heath care professionals, and last year students enrolled in an osteopathic training. We support best practice as well as encouraging research as a key pillar of our profession.

The Institute offers additional special education programs for everybody (public) who wants a better body-mind and spirit connection in their daily life.

Simple Online Enrollment

Our website offer a very easy, simple and efficient way to chose the course that stimulate your interest and to enrol in. Just click on the "Enroll Now" button and follow the instructions.
After successful payment you will receive a confirmation of your "seat" for the 
course chosen.

Best Professional Teachers

The Institute only promotes high valuable professionals, instructors, clinicians, researchers with expertise in teaching their passion, to deliver high quality courses in osteopathy, medical, allied health science and mindfulness practices person-centered. They all have the mission, each in their specific field, to guide the participant to enhance their practice, their daily life, through the knowledge acquired. We believe on a two-way exchange and dynamic communication. All teachers, instructors at the Institute are reputed Canadian and international professionals and teachers with impressive curriculum. With the best we suppose that we can only deliver the best for you to become the best, reconnecting the patient to itself and everybody to itself.


About IOSR..
The Institute for
Osteopathic Studies & Research

We aim to promote tomorrow’s osteopathic best practice today

We aim to promote tomorrow's better life to everyone by reconnecting body-mind and soul today

The Institute was created in 2022 to offer our profession and allied health care professionals high valuable quality courses as part of continuing professional development (CPD) requirements to promote best practice and evidence-based knowledges in the Maritimes and other Canadian provinces.

Additionally, we believe that education must also concern the public from our communities to help them to reconnect to themselves (body-mind-spirit) and the environment.

Our Institute is totally independent from any institution (school).

We have valuable partners who support our philosophy promoting Classical Osteopathic Medicine as originally formulated and by AT Still, and promoted by JM Littlejohn and J Wernham, amongst other.

We are aiming to promote research as one of our core mission with the support from scientific colleagues. In partnership with Keystone Health and Wellness Center, we have an easy access to an independent clinic with a considerable pool of patients for clinical demonstration and research. 

“He who opens a school door, closes a prison”

Victor Hugo

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